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Full-Service Manufacturer's Rep Firm 

Wi-Mark Communications is a full-service manufacturer’s rep firm focused on solving on-site communication needs for a wide range of markets, including oil and gas, public service, agriculture, manufacturing, security, and golf courses.
Our experienced team has been serving the North American market for over 30 years and has worked with leading communications companies, including Motorola, Tait Electronics, Teletics and HYT. This breadth of experience has helped us develop a deep understanding of the market and establish key relationships with customers nationwide.
Our history, dedication, technical knowledge, and relationships have led to the development of strong partnerships in North America and around the world. By utilizing the benefits of our manufacturers' representative services, our company can greatly increase your sales in the markets we serve.
Our team provides a wealth of knowledge, experience, and sales talent that we use every day to benefit our customers and manufacturers. We are always looking to the future to proactively help our customers improve their business operations and to anticipate their future needs. We do this through our grass root efforts, which include industry research, attendance at leading edge conventions, educational seminars, and continuous networking. If you are a manufacturer looking for representation, please contact us to arrange a meeting.



We serve a variety of customers, from established corporations to small businesses. Wi-Mark’s family of products and services has been assembled to create a comprehensive, yet cost effective solution for your market need.
For point-to-point and point-to-multi point communication, WiMark offers a variety of solutions. Teletics, from WiMark will provide Internet, public address, and POTs all in one.




Wireless Phone & Intercom for Extremely Difficult Environments




Rapid Deployment, Low Cost, Phone/Data Line/Ethernet




Easy Networking for Industrial Applications

TELETICS Feature Product



When you work in remote and rugged oilfields anywhere in the world, it is critical that your drilling rigs stay connected and in constant contact to the outside world. As well, you need to be able to communicate with each other, including having the ability to call out over a Public Address system to the entire rig and camp, for safety and drilling practices purposes.

Teletics w*intercom is a wireless rig phone and a wireless rig intercom system. It can be installed anywhere at a drilling rig site and because it is a wireless system, it can be easily moved as the drilling rig is moved.

W*intercom™ wireless rig intercom is built tough specifically for harsh environments and remote drilling sites from the Canadian Arctic to the southern states, including Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana and many more. W*intercom™ wireless rig intercom can endure both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures without compromising quality or reliability. Not only will you keep in contact with your team and keep them on task, but you can also be assured that with a Teletics w*intercom you’ve done everything possible for crew safety and productivity.

Teletics w*intercom is the answer for your rig intercom, wireless rig intercom, rig communications, wireless communications, remote phone system, loud PA, loud speaker, emergency alerting and emergency alert requirements. 


Industries For Which We Provide Onsite Communication

WiMark Communication is very focused on the on-site communications market. We work with manufacturers around the world to develop and deliver unique solutions.

 The industries we serve include:

  • Oil and Gas

  • Public Safety

  • Fuel Management

  • Agriculture

  • Golf Courses

  • Wineries

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