WiMark enjoys a loyal customer base built on decades of service to the following industries served.

Picture of Fire Fighters on the bumper of a fire truck - WiMark Industries Served

Public Safety

Mike Fraser has been serving the wireless public safety communications market for over 30 years.


In fact his father was a law enforcement officer and taught him early on, the importance of reliable communication in the field. ment of cost-effective and reliable two-way radio systems and on-site communications networks.

Oil & Gas

Wi-Mark Communications has deep roots in Oil and Gas Communications.  It is one of our industries served for over 30 years.


Wi-Mark Communications has an extensive customer base of Oil & Gas communications integrators.

Picture of the Drilling Floor on a Oil and Gas Drilling Rig - WiMark Industries Served
Picture of Manufacturing and Data Cloud - WiMark Industries Served


Wi-Mark Communication’s extensive experience base with multiple communications technology product families brings clarity to complex manufacturing challenges, including those involving classified areas.


We can provide unique solutions for your unique manufacturing challenges.



Security applications require a thorough knowledge of not only wireless communications, but also IP camera and networking knowledge.


Wi-Mark has an extensive background in all aspects of security products and communications systems and technology.

Picture of Security Officer with Two Way Radio - WiMark Industries Served